About Us

Being in business for 20 years, J Gross Equipment has been recognized for its friendly and knowledgeable staff. Covering all of South Dakota-based out of Aberdeen, our company continues that pleasantness even today! To ensure customers that they are choosing from the very best, J Gross is affiliated with the best hauling brands in the industry. With us, there should never be any doubts, only the guaranteed belief that we are giving you only the finest to choose from. That’s why we work with brand names like Mustang, Big Tex, Skyjack, Featherlite, Midsota Manufacturing, and more top-notch manufacturing trailer businesses. At our company, we strive to sell and service all your equipment needs. With the assistance from these companies, our mowers, trailers, and other outdoor equipment will have no limits, and neither will you! Our company became a great organization and one of the most rapidly growing equipment corporations by believing in giving the power to the people. We want to hear from you! What you want, need and look for when searching for the right rugged equipment for you. Along with your requirements, customers will see that J Gross will continually strive to earn your ultimate customer satisfaction, that’s why we give you several different options. We are a company that is going to work for you.


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